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 May 18, 2017
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 May 18, 2017
August 17, 2017
November 9, 2017
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 If You’re A Business Owner You Don’t Want to Miss This…

Due to overwhelming demand, I will be conducting my accounting workshop to help you demystify those daunting tax/accounting questions you may be asking yourself.

When:          9:00 – 11:00 am PST
Location:    100 E Thousand Oaks Boulevard
                     2nd Floor Conference Room
                     Thousand Oaks, CA 91360

I realize that accounting may not be your favorite topic, but if you are a business owner isn’t it time to get started now so that your books are in order?  Or time to find out why your Profit/Loss sheet is so important?

The investment is $14.95, which is such a great deal that you really can’t pass this up.  You’ll come away with some key tips on:

  • How to get your business books setup right out of the gate
  • What you can write off and what you can’t
  • Business vs. personal and how important it is to keep them separated
  • If you have employee’s or contractor’s how to know the difference
  • Why you should be paying close attention to your profit/loss sheet

And so much more!!!

PLUS – I’ll throw in a copy of both of my award winning books; “I’ve Got a Business Now What?” and “Your Amazing Itty Bitty Tax book.” 

Please contact me at damorgan@deborahamorgancpa.com



I look forward to helping you get ahead of the game the right way!